10 ideas for insurance posts on Facebook

41  / month for 10 months

Learn what to publish on Facebook to get new insurance customers. For 10 months.
More then 5 years of my experience compressed in 10 Emails and SMS.

This subscription and the served content is in English language.
It is optimized for the english speaking insurance professionals.


Free insurance leads

You don’t know how to obtain insurance leads?
You don’t know where to get new insurance clients?
Don’t know what to post on Facebook to get more customers?
Don’t know how to use Social Media to increase your insurance business?

10 ideas for insurance posts on Facebook will help you.

With this subscription, for 10 months, you will:

– get to know what to post on Facebook to get new insurance leads
– obtain knowledge on how to get more insurance customers
– have a clear vision on what to post on Facebook
– get a friendly companion on a monthly basis

How does this subscription work?

For 10 months, you will receive a PDF file with a solid example with description on how and what to publish as a Facebook post to get new insurance customers.

Where are these Facebook insurance post examples from?

These are real examples of content posted either by me on my accounts, campaings or by insurance experts I am mentoring. I chose the examples very carefully. I took into account my experiences and the effectiveness of other agents and multiagents.

When can I cancel my subscription?

You can unsubscribe at any time. The previously received training materials will of course stay with you (if you have downloaded them).

When can I restart my subscription?

You can always restart your subscription.

In addition to reading this post, how can I use this post for my insurance needs?

You can get inspired by how the author of the original post did it. So do the same, but adding your story, your clients, your photo.


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